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Platelet-rich plasma is a blood component whose positive effect on the regenerative and growth processes of tissues and cells is known primarily in aesthetic medicine. PRP therapy consists in isolating (as a result of blood separation into individual fractions) the material needed for the procedure (platelet-rich plasma) from the patient's blood and then injecting it into a designated, diseased place under ultrasound or X-ray control.

The patient comes 30 minutes earlier before the scheduled appointment to collect blood (20 - 40 ml), then the blood is centrifuged to obtain PRP. After centrifugation, the condensed platelets, or PRP, are then injected into the joint or diseased area. Platelets secrete a number of substances that activate the body's own forces, additionally secrete a lot of so-called growth factors. This results in the accumulation and activation of cells that heal inflammation in the diseased area, as well as regenerative and inhibiting biochemical inflammation. In orthopedics, these are the areas of the hip, knee or elbow joints and all injuries before scar formation (as soon as possible after the injury). Injecting nerve roots, which are compressed most often as a result of disc disease - disc disease, also gives very good results.

Medical procedures related to PRF treatments performed at REMEDIOS:

  • Biological treatment with platelet-rich plasma
  • Biological treatment platelet-rich plasma (PRP)
  • Aleksandra Olech

    Aleksandra Olech

    Jestem bardzo energiczną osobą, która nie boi się wyzwań. Pasjonują mnie podróże, a w szczególności różne kuchnie świata. W wolnych chwilach poświęcam się muzyce oraz praktyce jogi. Lubię poszerzać swoje horyzonty i w życiu stawiam na rozwój.

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