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ORTHOKINE therapy is a modern, extremely effective and safe method of treating osteoarthritis and degenerative changes in the spine, sports injuries - muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments. It supports regeneration processes after operations, in pain caused by pressure on the roots and nerve trunks of the spine before and after surgery. It uses the natural (biological), own (autologous) abilities of the body - to the damaged place (e.g. knee joint or spine joint) we administer proteins multiplied in the preparation process, including the largest amount of the protein that blocks the receptor for Interleukin-1. The power of its own natural anti-inflammatory proteins inhibits the inflammatory process that causes pain (Il-1Ra). The entire therapy consists in stimulating the patient's cellular reserves to produce cytokines derived from his own blood.

Preparation: for 24 hours the patient must refrain from drinking alcohol, coffee, tea. Anti- inflammatory drugs should be discontinued. After collection, blood is incubated on special substrates at 37 degrees Celsius for 6-9 hours, then centrifugation, separation of the multiplied proteins and administration, usually 4-6 times; after preparation, the protein is frozen and heated to body temperature before subsequent administrations (hence blood is collected once for 4-6 administrations).

Therapy indicated after operations of the cervical and lumbar spine, with compression of the nerve roots. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, works like a steroid blockade, but without steroids and much longer.

ORTHOKINE is indicated in, among others:

  • inflammation of the joints, e.g. knee, hip, elbow, shoulder (degenerative disease)

  • damage to the articular cartilage,

  • sports injuries (tendons, muscles, ligaments), tennis and golfer's elbow, jumper’s knee

  • degenerative diseases of the spine with compression of the nerve roots in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar sections, diseases of the intervertebral joints.


Medical procedures related to ORTHOKINE® therapy performed at REMEDIOS:


  • ORTHOKINE® biological treatment, application under ultrasound/X-ray guidance – the above-mentioned indications

Aleksandra Olech

Aleksandra Olech

Jestem bardzo energiczną osobą, która nie boi się wyzwań. Pasjonują mnie podróże, a w szczególności różne kuchnie świata. W wolnych chwilach poświęcam się muzyce oraz praktyce jogi. Lubię poszerzać swoje horyzonty i w życiu stawiam na rozwój.

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