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The ANGEL biological treatment is used to separate blood platelets and obtain PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), which accelerates the bio-reconstruction and regeneration of all tissues. The ANGEL system is fundamentally different from other PRP kits available on the market in 2 ways:

  • a much larger blood volume is collected - that is, even 180 ml, which means that we obtain many times more platelets adequate to the volume (concentration several times higher than in blood serum)
  • in the ANGEL system, individual blood fractions are separated by a computer, not by gravity, which allows for the isolation of perfectly pure PRP or with an admixture of other blood components - depending on the need (you can program the exact percentage of the volume of other morphotic elements). The ANGEL system also allows the separation of stem cells from the bone marrow and their fusion with PRP.
  • Thanks to this, the obtained high concentration of platelets increases the repair power of the preparation, which is several times greater, thanks to the increase in the concentration of platelets to 14-18x (for comparison, from an ordinary centrifuge we get platelets concentrated about 1.6 - 5x). Hence, PRP ANGEL is administered once, not several times as in classic PRP kits. PRP from the ANGEL separator helps in the regeneration of cartilage muscles, tendons, joints and nerve roots.
    ANGEL therapy is dedicated to people with joint injuries and pain (knees, shoulders, elbows) and to patients suffering from back pain, tendon and muscle injuries, and degenerative changes. It also works in advanced joint changes. It can be dedicated to people who are afraid of punctures (only one administration). It has a strong analgesic and regenerative effect. It is a system that allows to obtain the highest concentrations of PRP.

    Medical procedures related to ANGEL® therapy performed at REMEDIOS:

  • ANGEL® Biological Treatment (taken from 100-180ml of the patient's whole blood and concentrated to 15x) peripheral joints, muscle and tendon damage
  • Administration of ANGEL® to the spinal joints under X-ray guidance
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    Aleksandra Olech

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